About John

Hello and welcome to my website:

Hi my name is John and I live in Canada in a small town by the ocean with my wife and tail wagging dog called Jed.  I am now retired and can basically do what I want, so I decided to I put this website together to share the knowledge I have acquired over the years of internet affiliate marketing.me-and-jed

There is something to be said for those famous words:

There is more happiness in giving than receiving.

I found a passion for internet marketing some years ago and now looking back I realize I was doing it all wrong.  Learning from the school of hard knocks (by doing it yourself) is not the best way to learn anything.

Finding a mentor, teacher or trainer is the best way to learn; unfortunately the web is full of gurus that will say they will help for a price.

I know when I started it was just like putting a jigsaw together without the picture on the box, so frustrating and time consuming.

When I did find people that would help it was always for a price and being green to internet marketing I paid the price. They where helpful but I was not getting the big picture or the results I expected. I always felt like there was something missing to become successful.

To-day as you read my posts you will find that a few things have changed for me because now I do have a road map for this incredible journey to financial freedom. Most people who are reading this would like to have a road map to do the same.

Well you can, so why don’t you join me and others just like you on this wonderful journey.

You will meet people along the way that have been there and are on their way back who are only too happy to give you help, advice and the motivation to keep going at no cost to you.

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Never give up your dream!